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Making Canadian Law More Readable

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Reveal Headings

Skip the facts section when you need the law now

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Identify judgments

Never read a dissent by mistake again

Open book with bookmark

Don't repeat yourself

See when you last read a case

Search code on webpage

Perfect citations

Copy perfectly formatted case citations with one keypress

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Make the law beautiful

Optimize fonts and layout for readability

Feature Available for
Identify judgments Most SCC, FCA, ONCA, BCCA, and ABCA cases
Reveal headings Most SCC cases, many FCA, ONCA, BCCA, and ABCA cases
See what you've already read All cases on CanLII
One-click citations All cases on CanLII
Make the law beautiful All cases on CanLII


  1. Install iDissent for your browser
  2. License iDissent
  3. Use CanLII like normal, just better
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